Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions – Policyholders

In case of an emergency, accident, claim or change to your insurance policy, your broker is the person you should contact. Your broker will be able to answer any questions you may have about your insurance policy. Primaco’s main role is the financing of your insurance policy.

An increase in the amount of the insurance policy automatically results in a premium increase. However, the increase is generally spread over the remaining payments.

E-signature is an easy, fast and secure tool that lets you approve the terms and conditions of your financing contract directly online, without having to print the document. How it works is detailed in the procedure below.


Once the contract has been prepared by your broker, you’ll receive an e-mail containing a link to your contract. By clicking the link, you can consult and download your financing contract, which outlines all information, terms and conditions. Please read it carefully before signing.

Step #1

Enter your banking information in the red box.

Step #2

Click “Sign” in the yellow square.

Step #3

Confirm your signature by clicking the new confirmation window.

Step #4

Your contract has now been signed. A copy is automatically sent to the Primaco team.

You and your broker will also receive a copy by email.

Remember to save a copy of your contract by downloading or printing it so you have a record of it.

Your payment dates are shown on the third and last page of your contract. You can also find them in the calendar sent to you with your insurance policy renewal.

Each bank works differently. That’s why a payment may be debited anywhere from 24 to 48 hours after the date shown in your calendar. This amount of time may also vary in the case of statutory holidays. So that your payments are honoured, please make sure sufficient funds are available. If you’re not sure, then get in touch with your banking institution.

Frequently Asked Questions – Brokers

With Primaco, nothing could be easier. You can do it unassisted via our online platform, or you can call our customer service department and get them to prepare one for you. We are available at all times, whether for training or assistance. Don’t hesitate to get in touch directly with one of our agents.

If you want to add an endorsement, all you need to do is either fax or email us the insurer’s billing statement. We will automatically adjust the payments. In the case of a credit, please send it to us so that the payments can be adjusted. Our team will send both you and the policyholder a new, updated payment calendar.

With its more than 55 years of experience, Primaco has implemented a process whereby policyholders can correct a missed payment, should a payment fail to be honoured, and thus avoid termination of their policy. However, if, after multiple attempts, the policyholder fails to correct the situation, Primaco will ask the insurer to terminate the policy. Primaco undertakes to communicate with the broker throughout the entire process with updates on the various steps that have been taken. Note that any returned premiums must be sent to Primaco.

Primaco uses direct deposit to make payments on your policyholders’ policies. The scheduled payment date is shown in the payment calendar for each contract. Primaco undertakes to send you, within 48 business days before the deposit, a detailed notice indicating the exact amount that will be paid to you. The amount will then be deposited directly to your account in trust as recorded with Primaco.