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Operational excellence and continuous improvement are values on which we’ll never compromise.

We understand how busy you are as a broker, and that our service is only a small part of what you offer. That’s why we’re committed to competitive rates and conditions. We’re here to help you succeed at critical times.
Thanks to our technology, you and your team maintain complete oversight of your relationships with your policyholders.

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At the cutting edge of technology

We’re constantly seeking new ways to optimize your operations. Our platform is continuously evolving to provide you with the most innovative and intuitive user experience possible.

Customized solutions, on demand

We adapt to your needs. Each file is meticulously reviewed in order to find the best financing solution for your client.

Instant, personalized response

We guarantee live answer during business hours. We understand your time is valuable so our team is here to support you.

Flexibility with payment deferral

We offer you the possibility to defer your payments at no additional cost, right up until the day before the scheduled collection date.

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If you have received a user code, you can submit a request directly on our online platform. If not, contact our customer service and they will happily assist you in submitting a request immediately. We are also available to provide any training or support you may need.

It’s easy to do on our portal. We will adjust the payments on the same day. In the case of a credit, instalments will be adjusted upon receipt of the payment. Our team will send an updated payment schedule to you as well as the policyholder.

We have a process in place allowing a policyholder to address any payment defaults without cancelling their policy. The process involves multiple attempts to help the policyholder resolve the situation. If the default continues, we will need to request cancellation of the insurance policy. We are committed to communicating with the broker throughout the process, keeping them informed of each step taken.

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